M.SA blowout is a meticulous method of drying the hair to achieve a desired look. Each section of hair is manipulated in a way to get the smoothest, most voluptuous finish possible.

The way that the hair is dried blows you to go longer between washing. Unlike many styes, a blowout typically last two or more days. A blowout is the new age roller set, the goal is to get your style to last as long as it can.

Healthy hair is a top priority in salons, and getting a blowout results in less damage for your hair. A good blowout minimizes the need for using actual hot tools.

Most importantly, blowouts are for everyone! This service takes your hair to the next level. Whether you have long, thick, unruly hair, or if you have a special occasion, a blowout is the way to go. It is a great start to a weekend, or to just feel pampered. This will make you feel confident in any situation!



   45 min.

$ 45+


   30 min.



   120 min.

$ 90+


   180 min.

$ 150+


   120+ min.

$ 130+


   30 min.

$ 50

Michelle Cape is amazing! She always knows just how I would like my hair! I don't know a lot about hair and what's good to use or do & she always hooks me up! Definitely recommend going to her!

Savannah F.

Everyone was super nice and Kaitlyn did an incredible job on my hair!! It turned out beautiful!

Amber Taibbi

Ms. Angie did a wonderful job on my hair!! I love it, and I couldn't be happier. She helped me choose the colors and style I wanted and even showed me how to style it.

Stephanie Horne

Kaitlyn did my hair yesterday, and I seriously couldn’t love it more! I have been looking for a hair stylist for a long time. I had no idea what I wanted, and she absolutely went above and beyond what I could have imagined.

Katie Nelson

Never disappointed after much needed hair days with Shea! Having her as my stylist of choice is like having a best friend play with my hair. She’s so sweet and funny and great at what she does!

Abigail Paige

A week and a half ago I came in and got my hair done by Kaitlyn. The transformation from brunette to blonde was amazing. My hair looks amazing and I am getting so many compliments on it! Not only that but every single person in the salon was SO nice. It wasn't like your typical salon chitter chatter and drama talk. It was outstanding! So happy I got my hair done there, and can't wait to go back for touch ups! Definitely recommend it!

Shelby Hisey